How it works

Select your ward, describe your issue and hit Shout. Simple.

MediShout dashboard


The functionality of the app is streamlined, quick and intuitive. Once your hospital has registered with MediShout, any staff member can download the app on either iOS or Android. When you encounter an issue, all you have to do is select the ward you are on, type in a description and press SHOUT.

MediShout will send your message to the hospital manager best placed to solve the problem. You can attach pictures to your messages and also see a history of messages you have sent. Once managers have corrected the problem you will get instant feedback via an app notification or direct message.


Hospital managers receive instant notifications via email, or by accessing the secure MediShout dashboard (either on their PC or phone). Managers can then set about solving individual issues immediately.

Furthermore, by browsing historical issues on the MediShout dashboard, managers are afforded a unique learning opportunity to recognise patterns of recurring problems. This gives an insight into which wards are functioning particularly well and specific ways other wards can learn from them.

Once they have corrected a problem, managers can automatically feed this back to the user who reported the issue. Furthermore, managers and staff members can enter a text dialogue to exchange further information. This not only helps to empower staff but it flattens out the hierarchy often found within hospital organisations.