Medical Suppliers

The Problem For Supplier

In healthcare, operational issues such as faulty equipment, IT issues and missing kit, can prevent best patient care and damage suppliers’ reputations, potentially decreasing trust in their brand.

The frustration for medical suppliers, is that it’s often difficult to get full information on the device that has broken. Critically, suppliers rarely get data on the impact of issues have on healthcare staff and patient care, because current lines of communication are neither quick or robust.

MediShout Is The Solution

Medishout is an AI-driven platform that allows suppliers to engage with your customers, enhance your services and give an edge over your competitors. MediShout’s analytics enables your teams to receive live feedback when an issue occurs with your products, plus real-time data on the impact this is having on care.

In the short-term, this means you can quickly resolve issues, increasing the efficiency of your customer services. In the long run it will help you predict future breakages, increase the competitiveness of your brand as you better understand customers’ need, whilst also using data to drive better R&D.

Key Features

Data Collection & AI

Suppliers fix issues according to impact on care. AI predicts problems in advance.

Two-Way Messaging

Suppliers can better engage customers by delivering instructions, guidelines or support.


Suppliers can issue critical updates, whilst showcasing new products to customers.


Customised questionnaires enable continuous customer feedback on your products.

The Benefits

Improved Reputation

Improved communication with healthcare staff, and better accessibility, enables suppliers to deliver improved services which strengthens their reputation

Better Data-Collection

Real-time customer insights result in better product R&D and enable suppliers to resolve the issues that are most impacting care

Increased Efficiency

Features such as attaching photos and two-way conversations, improves efficiency by ensuring engineers have the information needed to resolve problems


Our artificial-intelligence algorithms predict when equipment might break, allowing suppliers to better plan device maintenance

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