MediShout | We Shout, So Staff Don’t Have ToWe Shout, So Staff Don’t Have To
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We Shout, So Staff Don’t Have To

Imagine being a Doctor or Nurse who can’t help patients because logistical problems delayed you e.g. broken computers, faulty equipment. Imagine having no way to resolve these issues, with your voice drowned out by the chaos of hospital wards. MediShout solves such problems, with our smart-technology and App transforming hospitals into automated and efficient environments.

About MediShout

The Story

How Many Staff To Change A Lightbulb?

MediShout’s founder is a Surgeon and one morning cancelled several operations because a lightbulb in theatre was broken! Frustratingly, several members of staff had known but not reported it.

The Problem

Hospital Environments Are Inefficient

IT, Equipment, Housekeeping, Facilities, Estates, Stock… staff need these logistical elements to deliver care, yet don’t have efficient channels to report and resolve issues when they occur.

The Effect

Staff Time Wasted By Logistical Issues

Clinician time is wasted by slow reporting mechanisms (e.g. bleeps), rushing to fix computers, finding stock or repairing equipment. Consequently, doctors now only spend 1/3rd of their time with patients!

Our Why

Making Hospitals Smart And Connected

MediShout brings calmness to chaotic wards and turns hospitals into smart and automated buildings. Our technology connects staff, systems, machines and work-flow; thus improving efficiency and care.


What is medishout?

The MediShout App and Platform is the glue thank links all logistics.

Our cloud-based technology connects people, Helpdesks, smart phones, tablets, IT systems and RFID tagging.

How does it work?

Simply put, staff use the MediShout App to instantly report any logistical issue that would otherwise delay them.

Our algorithms ensure the correct person or group gets the information.

Key Features

Two-way conversations
Instant feedback to users
Access ALL Logistical Departments
Add Photos

Data Is King

Big-data generation is key for long-term improvements.

MediShout identifies the issues most affecting patient care, so can be fixed first.

Pattern recognition makes it possible to predict future problems before they occur.


With many Hospitals and Pharmacies using MediShout, our benefits are proven via Case Studies, User Feedback and Data-Analysis

1. Direct cost-savings e.g. from fewer Helpdesk calls
2. Seamless work-flowse.g. faster patient discharges
3. Better use of existing resources within Hospitals

1. Each staff member saves up to 15 minutes per day
2. Improved morale: 100% of staff approve MediShout
3. Reporting time reduces from10 minutes to 35 seconds

1. More time with Staff at the bedside
2. Fewer cancelled operations
3. Fewer medical errors and failures likely

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