We Shout, So Staff Don’t Have To

MediShout is healthcare’s first “one-stop” App for staff to instantly resolve any operational task or issue; thus improving efficiency and patient care.

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The Big Healthcare Problem

Operational and workflow issues delay staff and prevent best patient care. Examples include broken IT, estates and facilities problems, faulty equipment or PPE and stock shortages. With different reporting pathways for each problem, none of which are quick or efficient, healthcare staff are often left unsupported.

The impact is huge:

1/3rd of NHS nurses waste two hours per shift finding missing kit; costing £900m annually.


Clinicians currently only spend 1/3rd of their time with patients.


32% increase in cancelled NHS procedures due to issues like faulty equipment.

The MediShout Solution

MediShout’s technology solves the big healthcare problem by connecting teams and suppliers in hospitals, GPs and care homes. Our powerful App provides a one-stop shop for resolving all problems and supporting staff. Smart data-analytics and AI enables providers and suppliers to fix the issues most impacting care.

Report Any Issue
With MediShout

In just 30 seconds staff can report ANY operational issue that delays them


Two-way chatsAdd Photos Broadcast Messages

Resolved Rapidly

Operational oversight for suppliers, help-desks or managers, who fix issues

Data-Analytics & AI Drive Improvements

Smart data highlights the key blocks in the system, whilst AI predicts future problems

The Benefits

Benefits to Healthcare Providers
Save Money & Increase Efficiency

Health economists showed MediShout can save hospitals £1million annually in efficiency savings, plus cash-releasing savings. Download Report.

Improve Patient Care

Healthcare staff have more time to focus on patient care, whilst improved work-flow prevents issues such as cancelled procedures

Better Staff Satisfaction

Empower healthcare staff by giving them a voice and connecting them to the team who can resolve issues raised

Fewer Bottlenecks & Shortages

Operational oversight and smart-data analytics enable healthcare providers to instantly respond to bottlenecks and shortages

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Benefits to Medical Suppliers
Improved Reputation

Improved communication with healthcare staff, and better accessibility, enables suppliers to deliver improved services which strengthens their reputation

Better Data-Collection

Real-time customer insights result in better product R&D and enable suppliers to resolve the issues that are most impacting care

Increased Efficiency

Features such as attaching photos and two-way conversations, improves efficiency by ensuring engineers have the information needed to resolve problems


Our artificial-intelligence algorithms predict when equipment might break, allowing suppliers to better plan device maintenance

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The Team

MediShout was founded by Ash Kalraiya, an Orthopedic Surgeon, who one morning had to cancel several operations, simply because a lightbulb in theatre was broken.

Frustratingly several members of staff had known about it, but not reported it. MediShout aims to prevent simple problems like this having severe consequences on patient care.

The platform has been created by digital experts and medical doctors, who have a deep understanding of the inner workings of healthcare institutions. An excellent Board consisting of industry leaders ensures MediShout deliver maximum value to clients.

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